Teacher Support and Professional Learning

Guide to SEPs and CCCs

Twig Science Next Gen takes the “little and often” approach to delivering the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) and Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs). They are fully embedded in the course, and you will introduce and return to them several times within each grade. Download this guide to improve your teaching of each CCC and SEP.

Guide to Classroom and Language Routines

Download the Twig Science Next Gen Guide Classroom and Language Routines and find six standard routines to use in the classroom, along with language routines to support questioning strategies as a tool for formative assessment, and promote argumentation.

Teaching and Research Aids

The Twig Science Next Gen Teaching Research Aids provides a handy graphic organizer, note-taking chart, video viewing guide, and classroom safety handout.

Hands-On Lab Kits

Hands-on investigation is central to the Twig Science Next Gen experience—and it’s a crucial part of getting students engaged in science. Download the following guide to find information about the contents of the lab kit for each Twig Science Next Gen module.

Real-World Science News

Twig Science Reporter is a weekly science news service for the curious classroom. Every week, Twig Science Reporter brings high-quality videos and other learning resources together with topical news to inspire school children to explore new possibilities through scientific inquiry and reasoning.

Extension and Enrichment Kits

Our Extension and Enrichment Toolkit is designed to supplement your science teaching, and save you time. With award-winning resources including short videos, activities and visuals.