Program Components

Elementary Core Program Components

Three-dimensional success in 1, 2, 3 easy steps…

Teacher Suite

Print and Digital

English or Spanish

Teacher Editions

Modular Teacher Editions with comprehensive lesson planning, differentiated instruction scaffolds, and language routines to support the NGSS.

3-D Performance Assessment Suite

Formative and summative assessments measure students’ abilities to meet all aspects of Performance Expectations. Rubrics provide clear guidance on how to assess students of all skill levels. Flexible options to monitor student progress are included.

Digital Platform

The innovative, easy-to-use Twig Science Next Gen digital platform can be used as a stand-alone environment or with print, and it includes presenter tools, automatic rostering, single sign-on, and accessibility tools along with thousands of videos providing access to real-world phenomena for every student. Engaging lessons, activities, stunning digital labs, and real-world data captivate 21st century students as they investigate problems and design solutions to engineering challenges.

Fourth Grade Teacher

Lots of great learning opportunities that are really engaging and really global. Think about all the world’s scientists working together… that’s the kind of community-building this program brings together for students. I’m sold!

Student Suite

Print and Digital

English or Spanish

Twig Books

Colorful, all-in-one text and investigation student books in digital and print, for modeling, annotation, and sketching, with text-to-speech functionality and English/Spanish toggling for dual immersion.

Multimedia Investigations

Theater-quality video content gives students access to high-impact phenomena, while digital interactives based on authentic data let them manipulate real-world phenomena.

Module Trailers

Each module of Twig Science Next Gen starts with an exciting trailer. Check out some examples.

Hands-On Kits and Video Labs

Video Labs

An alternative to hands-on labs, video labs allow students to investigate phenomena anywhere, anytime.

In this example Video Lab, Twig Coach Noby Leong takes students through a fun experiment, designing different safety mechanisms with the aim to protect Egg from being damaged in a car crash!

Hands-On Lab Kits

Module Lab Kits are clearly labeled, simply organized, and available for each module, ensuring efficient use of materials for small or larger groups during hands-on investigations. We offer module replenishment kits for consumable items. At Grades 3–5, optional Science Essentials kits provide high-value, multipurpose equipment.