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Are you ready to take your senses on a jungle safari?

Can you build shelters, bridges, and rafts to escape Shipwreck Island…?

Help Pre-Kindergarten Students Become Creative Problem Solvers

Twig Science Next Gen Pre-K challenges students to be creative problem solvers. Its unique instructional design will take your class on enthralling quests that spark curiosity and build knowledge and experience. Students are immersed in investigative journeys through stunning short videos, interactives, and hands-on activities.

Pre-K Learning Standards and NGSS Alignment

Cross-Curricular Connections

Focus on WIDA Standards and Language Acquisition

What makes songs such an effective way to learn?

From body systems and weather to material properties, catchy song videos support auditory, visual, and kinesthetic conceptual development of challenging science concepts. Includes text tracking, vocabulary, graphics, and high-quality imagery that inspires the entire class to sing and dance! Using songs in your lessons can help kindergarten students identify sound patterns and repetition and studies have shown that information presented as lyrics to music makes it easier to commit the knowledge to memory.

Singing can also release feel-good hormones which can help a child to express their emotions and improve their mood.

Interactives and Games

Beginning in Pre-K, students parallel the digital environment and performance experiences found in state assessments through fun interactives and games—from building their own human body to investigating weather and seasons as they work together or independently.

Student Activity Sheets

Our kindergarten activity sheets come in both print and digital—perfect for eco-friendly classrooms or for those who prefer a more hands-on approach.

Inquiry-based activity sheets engage students to use graphic organizers, drawings, text, and visuals to explore, create, and explain phenomena.

Interactive Read-Alouds


Our interactive read-aloud are available as digital resources and provide an engaging auditory and narrative experience that enables students to build background knowledge, make sense of phenomena, accelerate depth of knowledge, think critically, and listen to others while interacting in rich discussion.

Science Investigation Posters

Our large format, dry-erase posters provide students with opportunities to use infographics, visuals, and academic vocabulary to produce memorable visual and kinesthetic models.

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