Nevada, the Adventure Starts Here!

Twig Science Nevada is a complete Pre-K to Grade 6 program for the Nevada Academic Content Standards for Science, in which students investigate, design, build, and understand phenomena using a blend of hands-on, digital, video, and print resources.

4th Grade teacher
Using Twig Science in the classroom is exciting, inspiring, and revolutionary. Students learn through short video and hands-on exploration of real-world phenomena. My students LOVE Twig Science!

Student Tested, Teacher Approved

Twig Science Nevada challenges students to experience real-world STEM roles and become creative problem solvers, making sense of engaging phenomena and deepening their knowledge, skills, and confidence. Whether in print or digital, Twig Science Nevada is flexible and fun, providing teachers with a system of support to bring aha! moments to every lesson.

Exciting Phenomena-Based Adventures

Investigate 3-D learning with real-world science and engineering designed by world-class scientists and award-winning storytellers.

Unpacking the NVACSS

Twig Science Nevada lays out exactly how and where to apply NVACSS standards—and it breaks them down into clear, achievable learning goals while giving teachers all the support they need.

Award-Winning Media Suite

No other program comes close to the quality, depth, and student appeal of Twig Science Nevada's content—students love our world-class videos, digital investigations, and amazing imagery.

4th Grade teacher
Twig Science is my Pixie Dust. It keeps the students excited about learning something new. They can’t wait for the next lesson.

Designed to Support Teachers

Twig Science Nevada is designed to meet you wherever you are on your NVACSS journey. Whether you’re a 3-D learning expert or you don’t know your SEPs from your CCCs, we provide ideal professional learning content, including short refreshers on subject knowledge, module overview videos, and activity demonstrations from expert teachers—plus just-in-time support whenever you need it.

Hands-On and Digital Investigations

Students love building their skills and knowledge through investigations to solve real-world problems and design challenges—just like real working scientists and engineers.

World-Class Authoring Team

We’re proud of our partnerships with leading universities, including Imperial College London and Stanford. No other program delivers this much engagement, reward, or pedagogical excellence.

Three-Dimensional Assessments and Rubrics

Our multidimensional assessments (created with Stanford University’s SCALE team) are the best way for students to demonstrate their growing mastery of all three dimensions in the NVACSS.

Kindergarten teacher
After teaching for 27 years, Twig Science has brought the spark back into teaching for me…How lucky I am to be part of this incredible program.

Built for Three-Dimensional Learning

The program meets all of the NVACSS three-dimensional standards, while integrating English Language Arts, WIDA, and Math standards—maximizing instructional opportunities and ensuring there is always time for science.

English Language Learner and Language Development

English Language Learner support and Language Development tasks include scaffolds for Emerging, Developing, and Bridging levels of proficiency.

Cross-Curricular Applications

Twig Science Nevada gets students excited about science AND maximizes instructional time by encouraging students to link science lessons to ELA, ELL, Math, History, Social Science, and the Arts.

Cultural Connections

Promoting equitable, responsive, and safe learning environments through highlighted cultural connections.

5th Grade teacher
My students are always engaged in Twig Science. They’re becoming real-world science and engineering problem-solvers, and that puts STEM careers within their reach.