Equity and Access

An Inclusive, Equitable Program For The NGSS

Our mission is to create incredible STEM experiences that help to secure equity of access and equity of voice for all students. In creating Twig Science Next Gen, we worked hard to ensure that all students could see futures in science for people just like them.

Reflective Content

Students get excited about science careers when they understand that scientists are regular people just like them. Throughout the imagery used in Twig Science Next Gen, we’ve made sure to include representation of different genders, races, and disabilities. We’ve included historical and contemporary examples of a wide range of STEM professionals from all backgrounds to inspire students.

Multimodal, Flexible, and Responsive Learning Solutions

We recognize that there is inequality in access to the technologies and environments needed to receive much of the instruction that is currently available remotely. Our distance learning offering is designed to make allowances for, and reduce the importance of, this inequality.

Social and Emotional Learning

Through team-based investigations, students develop working practices that increase both their self-worth and the value they ascribe to others. They learn to be better communicators and to better respect the diverse range of skills, abilities, and ideas of others.

Teacher Support

To help the majority of elementary science teachers without science backgrounds, there are multiple forms of support to enable teachers to deliver science instruction with confidence, from bite-sized science content background information to onboarding sessions and teacher training workshops.

Point-of-Use Scaffolds

Scaffolds provide guidance and differentiation strategies to adapt the curriculum, including instructional materials to address the needs of students who are below grade level. Instructional strategies are scaffolded and varied for student learning needs.

Parents Included!

All modules include Family Outreach Letters (FOL) to be sent or emailed to students’ families, summarizing learning and providing suggestions for connecting students’ learning to experiences outside the classroom.

Twig Science Next Gen Lets Every Student Enjoy the Adventure

Download our free white paper: A Mission to Increase Equity and Inclusion in STEM Education.