Correlation Documents

Correlation Documents

Standards Maps and Framework Alignments

These Standards Maps can also be found in the Framework Alignment tables that appear on the front-cover foldouts of the Teacher Editions.

These tables detail the 1:1 correlation between the Framework Segments and the Twig Science Next Gen Modules across the full Pre-K–8 program. For each module, they also list the Module Phenomenon (MP) and core Performance Expectations (PEs) that are addressed.

Phenomena and Problems to Drive Three-Dimensional Learning

In Twig Science Next Gen, phenomena and problems are present, connected to Disciplinary Core Ideas, and presented to students as directly as possible. The materials consistently elicit and leverage students’ prior knowledge and experience related to the phenomena and problems present. Phenomena and problems drive learning and use of the three dimensions at the module level, the Driving Question level, and the activity level.

Phenomena Trackers

Explore the Anchor Phenomenon and Investigative Phenomena in each module below by reviewing our Phenomena Trackers. Students are supported to investigate the Anchor Phenomenon before constructing their own explanations of that Phenomenon as they journey through each module.

Scope and Sequences and Performance Expectation Progressions

Click below to access an outline of how Twig Science Next Gen’s Scope and Sequences.


Click below to access an outline of how Twig Science Next Gen’s ELA support integrates with other programs such as Benchmark Advance and McGraw-Hill Wonders.

ELA Crosswalk (Benchmark Advance and McGraw-Hill Wonders)

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