Twig Coach Assign and GO!

No prep! Just assign and GO with Twig Coach Lessons!

On-demand, bite-sized, studio-quality Twig Coach and Video Lab lessons are presented by experienced teachers to encourage participation and engagement. You can just assign and go, confident that your students will be taking part in high-quality, in-class or remote STEM investigations.

Synchronous or Asynchronous Learning

• Flexible delivery: on-demand, virtual, or independent 

• Device agnostic: use with any digital device 

• Adapts to instructional and/or review time 

• Built-in teacher-student feedback 

• Twig Distance Learning Scope and Sequence/Pacing Guide to accommodate your schedule 

On-Demand Instruction with Twig Coach Videos

• On-demand, bite-sized, studio-quality lesson videos presented by experienced teachers to encourage participation and engagement 

•Self-guided or assigned pace 

•Students interact with lessons through high-quality rich media and text 

Virtual Hands-On Video Labs

• Video Labs support teaching hands-on science experiments as students take part at home 

• Performance Expectations covered through entertaining and involving activities 

• Labs prepare students for success in Benchmark Assessments 

More Connection, More Collaboration

Grade 3

I just had to share about the Zoom lesson I had. I had 20 kids and since it’s Earth Day I did a lesson on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Twig was sooooooo helpful! A life saver, really.

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