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Individual and interactive student subscriptions for as low at $8.99 per year

Accelerate Unfinished Learning

With Twig Coach Assign and Go, students use interactive text, visuals, and modeling tools with cinema-quality, bite-sized videos to engage with anchor and investigative phenomena.

• Students interact with write-in text and modeling activities

• Virtual hands-on video labs support teaching hands-on science experiments

• 24-7 accessible instruction with Twig Coach video lessons

• Single sign-on integration

Two elementary students share a laptop in a classroom

Easy and Flexible Instructional Uses for Any Situation

• In-person, hybrid, or virtual classrooms

• Easily assess and grade student understanding

• Accelerate unfinished learning

• After-school extensions

• Credit recovery

• Spiral review

Preparing for Student Success

• Full coverage of Science and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas, and Crosscutting Concepts

• 3-D Performance Assessments developed in partnership with Stanford University’s SCALE Team

• Teacher feedback

On-Demand Instruction with Twig Coach Videos

• On-demand, bite-sized, studio-quality lesson videos presented by experienced teachers to encourage participation and engagement 

•Self-guided or assigned pace 

•Students interact with lessons through high-quality rich media and text 

Virtual Hands-On Video Labs

• Video Labs support teaching hands-on science experiments as students take part at home 

• Performance Expectations covered through entertaining and involving activities 

• Labs prepare students for success in Benchmark Assessments 

More Connection, More Collaboration

Grade 3

I just had to share about the Zoom lesson I had. I had 20 kids and since it’s Earth Day I did a lesson on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Twig was sooooooo helpful! A life saver, really.

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