Getting to Know: Anise Lee

Getting to Know: Anise Lee

“Not only do we all work together to get tasks and projects done, but we also have a great time hanging out together outside of work. I’ve made some amazing friends here.”

Today, let’s get to know Anise, one of our Glasgow-based marketing executives. Being part of the marketing team at Twig is a creative and exciting role, involving managing social media, taking part in design tasks, and writing copy—to name a few! We catch up with social media expert Anise as she tells us all about her day-to-day life at Twig and what she gets up to in her spare time.

What do her mornings in the office look like?

Keep an eye out—you’ll always find Anise walking into the office with an iced coffee in her hand. It’s what sets her up for the day. In the morning, she likes to catch up with the rest of the team and talk about what they’ve all been up to at work and outside of it. A big part of Anise’s job is keeping our social media channels visually engaging and full of useful information and resources for teachers, so if you aren’t already following us, now is the time to take a look at her work! Once it’s time to start the working day, Anise checks our social media channels to see what engagement we’ve had, how successful posts have been for the week, and what the next steps are for the week ahead.

What’s the best part of her job?

Being able to share your day with a team of great individuals who make you feel supported is an important part of any role, and for Anise, this is the best part of working at Twig. She tells us: “Not only do we all work together to get tasks and projects done, but we also have a great time hanging out together outside of work. I’ve made some amazing friends here.” She notes that the kitchen snacks are a bonus, too!

How did she get into marketing?

Anise’s journey into marketing stemmed from her realization that she could combine her skills in social media and creativity with her love for education. She originally studied for a degree in Children and Young People’s Learning and Development and also fostered a keen interest in social media management through her personal accounts. She then went on to obtain a degree in International Marketing, which worked out well for us at Twig!

Where will you find her outside of work?

With our office located in the West End of Glasgow, there’s no shortage of places to visit for lunch or dinner. You’re most likely to find vegan and self-confessed foodie Anise exploring Glasgow’s food scene and trying out new coffee shops, or at home spending time with her cat, Juna.

What’s something you might not know about Anise?

Anise’s creativity goes back further than her employment at Twig, as prior to working in marketing, she was a professional makeup artist with a large following on social media—over 70,000 followers on Instagram, to be precise! She credits this time in her life for helping her discover a love for social media management and content creation, which ultimately lead her to pursue a career in marketing. 

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