Discover the Magic of Twig Science

Discover the Magic of Twig Science

At Twig we are committed to the NGSS vision of “All students, all standards.” Through our programs, we provide experiences and opportunities to inspire each and every student. 

Elementary School

Twig Science is a complete TK–8 program built for the NGSS, in which students investigate, design, build, and understand phenomena using a blend of hands-on, digital, video, and print resources. 

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Transitional Kindergarten

Research shows students decide how they feel about science at an early age, so Twig Science makes sure to get them excited from the very start. Through story-led modules, TK students explore phenomena with hands-on investigations, captivating videos, fun interactives, and songs. Find out more!

Middle School

Are you teaching Middle School students? We’ve got your back. In Twig Science, students become immersed in multimedia storylines, embark on virtual field trips, and experience how people from all backgrounds achieve success in STEAM careers. They collaborate with scientists, make sense of phenomena, and solve problems using cutting-edge technology. Get a taste:

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