Twig Science Next Gen is a complete Pre-K–8 program built for the NGSS.

Welcome to Twig Science Next Gen

Interactive and hands-on learning plays an essential part in understanding science. Twig Science is dedicated to providing an interactive science program that gets students immersed in the exciting world of science and natural phenomena.

Three Interactive Teaching Tools for Three-Dimensional Success


Print and Digital

Designed to make delivering the NGSS straightforward even for nonspecialist science teachers, Twig Science Next Gen includes comprehensive Teacher Editions in print and digital for flexible lesson planning, a state-of-the-art 3-D Performance Assessment suite, and an innovative, easy-to-use digital platform.


Print and Digital

Twig Science Next Gen transforms 3‑D standards into dynamic visual, digital, and hands-on learning that students will remember forever. It brings real-world phenomena into students’ lives through interactive Twig Books, theater-quality video, and engaging multimedia.

Science Kits or Video Labs

Students experience science and engineering firsthand as a dynamic, creative, and collaborative process—just like real working scientists and engineers in the 21st century. They develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills through a range of investigation types, from hands-on activities and digital interactives to on-demand Video Labs.

A New Way to Teach Science

Are you ready to celebrate plant shapes by curating your own Museum of Leafology? How about designing the Ultimate Playground through learning about pushes, pulls, and playground forces? Egg car crashes, anyone?

Built for the NGSS

Experience the phenomena-based science program for Grades Pre-K–8 created specifically for the NGSS—ensuring all students have an interwoven understanding of Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs), and Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs).

Real-World Phenomena

Our unique instructional design challenges students to experience dozens of different STEM roles as they become creative problem solvers, making sense of engaging, real-world phenomena.

Multimodal Learning for True Access and Equity

Whether in print, digital, or hands-on, Twig Science Next Gen is flexible and fun, providing teachers with a system of support to bring the wonders of science and the motivation to learn to every student.

Flexible Tools for Any Instructional Delivery Method

Twig Science Next Gen gives teachers a flexible way of delivering comprehensive, standards-based instruction, both in the classroom and in a hybrid teaching model.

A girl watches a Twig Coach lesson on her tablet and takes notes

Assign and GO!

• 3,000+ video lessons and video labs

• Flexible delivery: in-person, hybrid and/or remote

• Device agnostic: use with any digital device

• Adapts to instructional and/or review time

• Built-in teacher-student feedback

A Twig Coach smiles at the camera

Virtual Hands-On Video Labs

• Video Labs support teaching hands-on science experiments as students take part at home

• Performance Expectations covered through entertaining and involving activities

• Labs prepare students for success in Benchmark Assessments

Noby hold up a hand made of cardboard

On-Demand Instruction—Twig Coach Videos

• On-demand, bite-sized, studio-quality lesson videos presented by experienced teachers to encourage participation and engagement

• Self-guided or assigned pace

• Students interact with lessons through high-quality rich media and text

Culturally Responsive and Accessible Instruction

Twig Science Next Gen promotes equitable, inclusive, and accessible learning environments for 21st century students.

The program is designed to be inclusive of all students, regardless of race, gender, (dis)ability, language ability, socioeconomic background, or national origin.

An Easy-to-Use Digital Platform

Flexible Implementation

The Twig Science Next Gen digital platform can be used as a stand-alone environment or with print

Reliable Usability Features

Including presenter tools, automatic rostering and single sign-on

Equitable Accessibility Tools

Including point-of-use scaffolds and accessibility options

Over 3,000 Award-Winning Videos

Driving student engagement and universal access to phenomena

• Use as-is or share content to Google Classroom or your LMS

• Toggle between teacher and student views

• Pin lessons to your dashboard for quick access during your teaching sessions

• Teacher Background Knowledge articles provided to support all modules

• Device-agnostic platform

• Built using modern technologies and fully HTML5 compliant

• Automated rostering and single sign-on integrations available (Clever, Classlink) for seamless user provisioning and access

• Supports rostering via CSV, with configurable password policy options

• Meets latest security and accessibility requirements

• Prompt product and technical support

• Assign lessons to students using the digital version of the Twig Book

• Interactivity includes read, highlight, investigate, annotate, model, draw/design, explain, and reflect functions

• Students can upload pictures, drawings, visual observations, and snapshots to build up a digital portfolio

• Teachers provide feedback directly in each student’s digital Twig Book

• Point-of-use scaffolds with cultural connections and differentiation for special education students

• English Learner differentiation for Emerging, Bridging, and Expanding levels of language acquisition

• Text-to-speech functionality

• Accessibility options include full customization of the display, with built-in epilepsy-safe, visually impaired, cognitive disability, and ADHD-friendly profiles

Student-Centered Investigations

Beyond the STEM roles students take on during the immersive storylines in Twig Science Next Gen, students encounter hundreds more STEM careers in film and text. Exposure to science and engineering careers at the elementary level inspires and engages students—a great indicator of success at later stages of school, college, and career.

STEM-Role Investigations

Hands-on, digital, and video investigations provide captivating real- world experiences in dozens of STEM roles—from park rangers and earthquake engineers to deep-space explorers and time-traveling tour guides.

Thousands of Award-Winning, Theater-Quality Videos and Interactives

All students regardless of socioeconomic background are transported to gather evidence of both local and global phenomena, experiencing science and engineering careers directly through thousands of high-quality videos and interactives.

1:1 Print and Digital Equity

Driving Questions challenge students to solve phenomena and design problems. PEs are described in student-friendly language. Student-friendly text features highlight instructional shifts and act as meta-cognitive cues.

Do Your Students Take Responsibility for Their Own Achievement?

NGSS instructional shifts require a new system of three-dimensional performance assessment, emulating the real-world experiences of scientists and engineers.

Twig Science Next Gen partnered with Stanford’s SCALE team to develop engaging and reliable assessment in which students demonstrate thinking, knowledge, and practices to unpack phenomena and solve design challenges.

Kindergarten Teacher

After teaching for 27 years, Twig Science Next Gen has brought the spark back into teaching for me… How lucky I am to be part of this incredible program.

“I Absolutely Love Twig Science!”

It’s so exciting when teachers like Kati tell us the difference Twig Science Next Gen makes in their classrooms. We hear this a lot, but it never gets old!

Benicia, a Grade 5 teacher, loves that everything she needs to teach science is “all right there!”

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