Twig Science is a phenomenon-based science program for grades K through 6 developed specifically for the California Next Generation Science Standards.

This program is built upon the belief that students learn through doing – utilizing a range of print, digital, and hands-on investigative resources to extend students’ understanding of our world, build scientific thinking and introduce engineering design through real world challenges.

Twig Science meets all 3-Dimensional CA-NGSS standards, while also integrating all relevant CA ELA, ELD and Math standards, maximizing instructional opportunities and ensuring there is always time for science.

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Apply Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) to real-world science news

From weather warnings to trending technology, Twig Science Reporter brings you the latest topical science news from around the world along with classroom activities while bringing Science and Engineering Practices into action!

  • Topical science news and informational text articles for grades 2-6
  • Entertaining Curious Questions and Crazy Creatures short films for grades K-6
  • Meet scientists and learn about a wide range of STEM careers
  • Build connections between Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs) and the wonder of science in everyday life!

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Builds Performance Expectation background knowledge within and across grades K–5!

Though still in its Beta testing phase, we invite you to sign up, take a look around, and let us know what you think.

Choose from thousands of tools to supplement your classroom instruction or promote independent student learning.

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